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LUMINOSE is the dog lamp with personality. Design passion and dog love inspired us to make this fine design, adjustable wooden table lamp. The lamp with the touch of handwork, that brings warmth into your home. LUMINOSE is exclusively looking for you, if you have the sense of design, the love of dogs, and a table for a lamp.

Our buying options

We've created two options to buy LUMINOSE. You may personalize and buy LUMINOSE for yourself or a friend, and then we manufacture and ship it. You can also buy a LUMINOSE voucher, that is eligible to choose a LUMINOSE later. Ideal for a gift, with the added value of customazibility.

LUMINOSE voucher

€149 + €25 shipping

  • 1 printable PDF voucher
  • 1 voucher is eligible to choose 1 LUMINOSE
  • Payment with bank transfer only
  • Voucher is sent within 24 hours, lamp ships anywhere in EU
  • Voucher is valid until December 2022

To design a dog lamp with heart and hand

The LUMINOSE story started in a wood workshop. After we’ve spent hundreds of hours with designing and manual prototype, the first dog lamp was born. LUMINOSE learnt to light shortly, and became a well-functioning wooden table lamp. Being good first-owners we built the environment in which LUMINOSE feels good, driven by our passion for details from design to website code.

It is good if the design, dog or light is smart

This is why we pay attention to every detail from design to manufacturing. We think product design has a responsibility. LUMINOSE is made with the co-operation of changed working abilities with high level of expertise. We’ve designed a LED panel into the wooden components, which uses 85 percent less energy than a standard table lamp. Dogs are smart, so is this lamp. By welcoming a LUMINOSE you stand out by helping purchase and eco-friendliness.

The wooden table lamp that you create

We know choosing a friend staying on your table lifetime long is personal. Keeping our roles at the minimum in the dog-owner relationship, we want you to be the designer who makes the final decision. Personalize your dog lamp’s color and leash, so we’ll manufacture your LUMINOSE which truly belongs to you! We give chosen components to you, you give life to your LUMINOSE.

Design consciousness as a way of life

Design consciousness is a decision. Decision to buy products that we know about how made, what values are being represented and how long they can become part of our lives. Our goal is to create products that stand for the design conscious decision.


Many leading design- and lifestyle magazines has featured LUMINOSE, that we're proud of. We share some highlights below.

The most obedient canine out there is this oh-so-cute dog light.

This modern table lamp is articulated as a dog. Made handmade with wooden oak or beech, the product is to discover on their online store

Modeled to adopt a pooch’s personality, the lamp literally brings a smile to my face with the way it looks and stands (let’s not forget the adjustable tail)!


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

Is LUMINOSE really made by hand?

Absolutely. We and our manufacturing partners do a lot of manual work to get perfectly smooth surfaces, LUMINOSE requires. A lamp component runs through at least eight work phases to reach its perfect state.

Do changed working abilites people really take part in manufacturing LUMINOSE?

Yes, they do. From the very beginning, our aim was to work with certain businesses that employ not only people with reduced working abilities but also those who represent positive values in many ways.

Do you ship LUMINOSE if I'm outside of EU?

Unfortunately not, as our product may only meet EU standards and certifications (CE) yet. We're planning expansion into new markets though. If you'd like to know when LUMINOSE would ship into your area, please subscribe to our newsletter.

How should I pay?

By clicking the 'Finish purchase' button on our shop pages, you made your order. Your order is confirmed, when you've transferred the order's total to the given account. Please email us the proof of transaction, so that we can start manufacturing your LUMINOSE sooner. Without the notice please expect one to two days delay due to bank transaction time.

How long does it take to manufacture my lamp?

As soon as you confirmed your order, or sent us the proof of transaction we start manufacturing your lamp. We manufacture your LUMINOSE normally within 14 days, but only 1-2 days before Xmas. Shipping takes two business day in Hungary, and four to five business days within EU at maximum. As soon as we post the package we're sending you your tracking number, so that you can follow the shipping process.

Why a dog lamp?

It started four years ago, as a school project. The task was to design a lamp for a childrens hospital. We wanted to create a lamp that can help those children disconnecting from the hospital environment with the product's interactivity and kindness. At the same time we adopted a puppy dog to our family, a Hungarian Puli, who also had a great impact on our life. From the friendship of the two things, LUMINOSE was born.

Is LUMINOSE a toy or a lamp?

LUMINOSE is a table lamp that can be playfully set into different positions. However – like all lighting fixtures – this is also an electrical product, so it must be used accordingly.


Please have a look at the technical specifications of the lamp. We’ve used energy efficient LED technology, and quality materials.

Body & materials

Light & plug

Payment & shipping

meet the team

We're designers from Budapest, Hungary. We think about design similarly. This is the core of our happy and professional collaboration. What Elizabeth represents in a product, Márton represents visually and in website code. LUMINOSE is our common beloved project.

Elizabeth Zimmerer

Co-Founder and Product designer

Márton Lente

Co-Founder and Visual designer

People who helped LUMINOSE born

  • Ferenc Bazsó
  • Marcell Benson
  • Péter Borbás
  • Johanna Jánossy
  • Barba Kecskés
  • Krisztián Koncz
  • Pál Koós
  • György Kosaras
  • Marcell Kovács
  • Gábor Kóthay
  • András Lente
  • András Mosolygó
  • Mónika Müller
  • István Oravecz
  • Ester Racek
  • Zoltán Ungvárszki
  • Gyula Zimmerer
  • Gyuláné Zimmerer
  • Krisztina Zimmerer
  • And so many others, who we can't mention here. Thank you!


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