LUMINOSE - the lovely lamp logo
LUMINOSE - the lovely lamp logo

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Designer Couple

We're a designer couple from Budapest, Hungary. As we spend a lot of time together, we think about design similarly, although our knowledge and fields of activity differ. This is the core of our happy and professional collaboration. What Elizabeth represents in a product, Márton represents visually and in website code. LUMINOSE is our common beloved project.

Elizabeth Zimmerer

Architectural Artist & Product Designer

Elizabeth likes working with space and light independently from scale. Exceptional sensibility to human needs is great characteristic of her works. She's definitely the designer whose connection to the product is very direct, experimenting and working with material is always an important part of her design workflow. Being the owner of the idea and designer of the lamp her connection with LUMINOSE is very special.


Márton Lente

Branding Expert & Visual Designer

Márton's passion is to find the value and bring it to front. His specialties are visualization and web design & development. These deeply connected fields are present equal in his activity, and are interpreted in that larger context. Márton enjoys working on LUMINOSE, as he has the control on all branding-related elements from content, through visualization, to web design & development.

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Ferenc Bazsó, Marcell Benson, Péter Borbás, Johanna Jánossy, Barba Kecskés, Krisztián Koncz, Pál Koós, György Kosaras, Marcell Kovács, Gábor Kóthay, András Lente, András Mosolygó, Mónika Müller, István Oravecz, Ester Racek, Zoltán Ungvárszki, Gyula Zimmerer, Gyuláné Zimmerer, Krisztina Zimmerer

And so many others who we don’t mention here. Thank you!

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